COALA State of Ethereum Governance talk, report, Q&A


Hi friends,

Last week, COALA Global hosted a workshop on blockchain governance which included distinguished scholars in fields including governance, dispute resolution, political science, ethics, and others, and consisted of five working groups:

  • Legal & Political Theory
  • Identity, Citizenship & Sovereignty
  • Governance (of blockchain)
  • International Law
  • Legal Representation and Liability Limitations

The workshop used Ethereum governance as a case study, and I gave a talk titled Ethereum Governance Overview to get all of the scholars on the same page about how Ethereum works today. (You can view the slides here although they’re designed to be delivered with spoken commentary so may be a little unclear on their own.)

The talk was unfortunately not recorded but I’ll be giving it again publicly on Twitter/Periscope, updated to include some of the group’s findings, this Thursday at 9am NYC time, along with several other members of both the Ethereum community and of COALA who will provide additional commentary and ask questions. Please let me know if you’re interested in participating in this call!

The last working group, Legal Representation and Liability Limitations, put together a very interesting, important, and useful document called Governing Principles of DAOs (I’ll ask their permission before sharing it here).

My group, focused on governance of blockchains, used Ethereum’s current governance as a case study and drew up a set of ideas and recommendations which we will expand into a full report (for reference, see the previous COALA report on blockchain governance). I’m hesitant to post the list of recommendations here without some context, but I will review them in context on the call on Thursday and post a link here of the recording.

I’m curious what folks in this community think of the recommendations, the talk, and the report, and if anyone would be interested to contribute to the report or the ongoing conversation.



Thanks for letting us know about this Lane! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the call but hopefully someone else from the forum can!