Defiprime - curated list of the best DeFi products


Recently I’ve spent a few weeks researching DeFi ecosystem and launched Defiprime - a curated list of actually running right now DeFi products.

Few interesting thoughts from my DeFi ecosystem research:

  • DeFi products are almost non-existing on EOS and Tron networks, except few dex exchanges.
  • Ethereum defacto the only one platform used by DeFi products.

Wow. Nice overview!

I just have a problem with the nomenclature “custodian services”.

We describe exchanges as custodial service providers for obvious reasons. It is right that a wallet provider offers software, which helps to manage the custody of ones assets, however in order to avoid confusion we should better differentiate between both.

Wallet = Wallet providers
Exchange / Treasury management = Custodial service providers

I’m curious to hear your answer.

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Nice list, but at the moment your images from fail to load.


It’s a good point, but how to deal with wallets with built-in exchanges? I.e. Argent or Zerion ?

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I’m still on the waiting list for Argent and their website doesn’t tell me much about that topic within a 5 min search. Zerion uses 0x and kyber as decentralized exchanges. In both cases the user of the wallet remains in full control of their assets, since these exchanges operate with on-chain contracts in contrast to centralized exchanges like Bittrex, Coinbase etc.

This crypto to crypto trading feature is more or less getting standard due to the fact that kyber (as well as other DEX platforms) offer good interoperability and easy integration for wallet providers like ImToken, Enjin, Coinbase wallet, trust wallet, status etc.

However, to be honest I still struggle to classify access tools like mycrypto or MEW. They offer client-sided wallet services via a browser, but we should differentiate here as well. Since these services operate within the browser it’s probably best to call them “browser based wallet software”

So in the case of MyCrypto they offer a browser based wallet software via their website as well as a desktop based wallet software (My crypto desktop app)

I’m well aware of the fact that these are rather descriptions instead of a good naming scheme.

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Great list! And actually a lot of projects I did not hear about before. Are you constantly adding new projects to the categories?

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I’m doing my best to catch working DeFi projects when they pop ups. And defiprime is an open source project so everyone could contribute:


Such a great list, thanks for putting this together!

Wow, a bunch of stuff I hadn’t even heard of before… guess I know what I’m doing this weekend :smiley:


btw, there is a blog tab with interviews with defi projects:


Hey, I only just stumbled across this, apologies for the delay.

Hopefully you got an answer on Twitter or Medium (

We integrated Kyber to enable token exchange in Argent.

Do you have access to Argent now? Are you using Android or iOS?

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