ENS for mainstream adoption


As we all know, Ethereum hex addresses will not help with mainstream adoption. Technologies such as ENS could help with this. Why ENS? Well it’s much easier to send money to human readable addresses such as “Ethhub.eth” . Some may not have noticed, but none of Coinbase’s application or Gemini’s supports ENS. We are all aware that Coinbase is one of the first steps new users will take when getting into crypto. The ENS team has been trying to reach out to Coinbase with no success, and I was thinking if we as a community could do something about this? I’ve tried reaching out to Eric Conner of Ethub with no success, and I don’t have a big enough following to have a voice. So I’m coming here to seek assistance from the community to help make ENS the standard for how we interact with Ethereum.


I Tweeted about this yesterday and I understand there are some discussions now occurring with folks at exchanges. I think this is now at least one folks’ radars.


Thanks for the help DC, you’re the best!


Part of the limiting factors to ENS adoption has been the minimum character limit. For example, ethhub.eth is not long enough.


I do believe they are working on this as we speak.


anyone know the best directional on how to register for an ens address?


Follow these instructions from the article and you should be fine

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Their new website has pretty intuitive UI imo.


Just scroll down to “Register a .ETH domain”


The new ENS update will probably help things because auctions for 7+ character domains are gone. It’s easier than ever to register your domain for $5 in less than 5 minutes.

Maybe we should curate a list of where ENS is supported on the ENS EthHub docs entry


You can now directly buy (rent) seven letter and up domain names by going to manager.ens.domains , the cost is $5 per year, payable in ETH. Shorter names will be available soon but will cost more.

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