ETH 2.0 in regard to consensus rule changes on ETH 1.0


originally mentioned by Huydralisk on EthHub Discord:

Suppose that miners decided to ignore and fork away the difficulty bomb to keep mining 2 ETH per block and infinitum and constantly convert their PoW ETH to PoS ETH, doesn’t that cause unreasonable inflation on the PoS chain?

Right now in Prysm:

“// Web3Service fetches important information about the canonical // Ethereum ETH1.0 chain via a web3 endpoint using an ethclient. The Random // Beacon Chain requires synchronization with the ETH1.0 chain’s current”

In the case of majority fork on 1.0 that changes inflation rate (or something more nefarious), would some sort of control or handling be needed on the 2.0 side? Thoughts?

shout out to ChazSchmidt for pulling up the Prysm code and weighing in on Discord

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Then it will be a new chain not compatible with the original network, how they could convert PoW ETH to PoS ETH?