Ethereum Marketing


Let’s discuss what we can do as a community to help Ethereum with marketing. @DCinvestor raised this issue on twitter recently so I think it’s a hot topic for many of us.


Unfortunately, there’s a lot of noise in the space. No one steering the ship if you will. You have multiple people overseeing their own fiefdoms. I think the first step is decide who is that one person who is going to lead. Once you have this person decide on goals and objectives. And based on those, create an action plan - Deliverables, KPIs, Messaging, etc.

I’m more than willing to take on some responsibility, but to be successful you need only one chef in the kitchen who can bring everyone together for the benefit of the whole community.


Not sure that it’s possible with decentralized nature of Ethereum.


Understand. Then what is the goal? Is it to only “market” Ethereum or DApps? From what I can tell there are already people in place to do this. Whether they’re doing a good job or know what they’re doing is another issue.