EthHub Community Call 1 - May 7th 2019 - 14:00 UTC

  • The call will be 90 minutes
  • This call will be live streamed (link/medium TBD)
  • Will be recorded for future reference
  • Anyone can listen to the call but participants will be invited based on their contributions to the forum
  • 6 topics from the most popular threads will be picked for the agenda (to be released in this thread a couple days before)
  • Each topic will have a designated speaker who will intro it (~3 minutes) and open up the floor for discussion.
  • Each topic will be given 15 minutes

Can community calls alternate between timezones to include those of us in Australia?


+1 for people in Japan


It’d be helpful to have a way to subscribe to a calendar with the community call event dates and times.


I tried my best to find a time that overlaps. I believe this one is midnight in Australia which isn’t ideal I understand but maybe possible?

Overall yes I’ll try to move them around so that this is possible. At the very least they will be recorded and uploaded somewhere.


As I’m in Australia too I tried to work out a time with Eric that would cover most time-zones as best we could. The current slot we have is basically 12AM AEST (which is 7AM PST) as it was the best slot we could find.

Open to hearing others suggestions though!


How do you want to structure the community call?

I would prefer that the agenda is released at least a week in advance (maybe with a small section in the end for “trending topics”).

Participants should provide a quick summary about their topic (optimally with sources for those who want to get more involved in the specific topics) so that we can have useful discussions.

We should also limit the presentation and discussion time for each topic - this is one of my biggest gripes with the current dev call, it happens too often that one topic dominates the rest of the call, even if it’s not important (e.g. progpow). Maybe a ranking is needed so that some topics get more designated time.


Updated the original post with details on my thoughts.


I am always following all the conferences and browsing in the communities of Ethereum, I feel a great lack of materials in Portuguese Brazil, If it is possible to make the videos subtitled would help the Brazilians a lot here.


getting content translated more frequently is high on my wants list. The ethereum community has passionate members speaking many other languages besides english. let’s make sure we are building towards the same collective goals!

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Yes will attend the call from Puerto Rico.
We’re a bunch of blockchain aficionados here and a big community!! Looking forward to it!

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Thanks everyone for attending today. The archive link is here.

I think it went great. I will work on the tech behind it so we can get more than 10 in the room and flesh out better who gets an invite to the call (still requires community participation regardless).

My quick meeting notes/takeaways:

  • Eth 2.0 Validator Rewards - General consensus that higher rewards proposed are good (no one argued for lower rewards). Some questions around how the parameters are determined and concern still over competition from both DeFi and CeFi.
  • Web3 Login for Discourse - Boris has created a base spec and 3box seems interested in getting involved. We can get some funding but need resources for PM on this.
  • Eth 1.x public understanding - Seems to be general agreement that there is confusion around Eth 1.x from people despite its importance. It’s suggested that we potentially drop the 1.x name and just call it Ethereum since for now it is. 1.x is near term roadmap and 2.0 is longer team.
  • How do we make the Ethereum community more useful? - Lots of talk about not discounting certain forums such as reddit as they are all valuable. Need to just create reputable groups and forums for signaling.
  • Signalling Tools - General agreement there no one wants on-chain gov but some interesting tools for signaling. Tenegraph should be explored more as a tool and some interest in gas voting (wallet history) as a tool too. Not many seemed to like coin voting but could be a tool still.
  • redesign - Happy that the change finally happened. Content seems fine but some heartburn over design. Biggest question that came up is who is maintaining and responsible for merging changes. How open is this person(s) to large overhauls to the site, where is the line?
Should the Eth 1.x name be dropped?

Thanks for organizing and inviting us, Eric!


Great job Eric. Going step by step is the right way. Onwards:)


thanks for organising as well. hopefully we can get an EF liaison to join next time.


Big thank you from me as well! I thought the call went very smoothly (other than the technical difficulties lol).

Looking forward to the next one :slight_smile:


Damn it I miss the call
I just watch it on youtube
To summarise the topic of signaling tools

  1. We need to find a way to summarized signal by people debating on ethereum forum/social network and trace them back to the core dev.
    @econoar @boris It would be nice if each forum would select one person in order to share collective consent from their respective forum to the core dev call.
  2. I still think their is something to be done with Carbone voting based on gas spending history or Carbone voting based on gas spending and proof of full node participation…i going to dig into that.