Is it room for "noob" questions?


Hello, i am just a regular “noob” with a big interest in ethereum.
My only achivements in computers is blindly following step by step guides, and thanks to some awesome guides out there, ive completed a few projects.

I have been searching for a guide to build a full node for some time now, i even bought a raspberry pi after i found a guide , only to discover it was a part1, and part2 wasnt written.

Now to my question:

If i were to buy the finished block and mortar NanoPC T4 , will i be able to, with very limited technical skill:

  1. Get my full node up and running
  2. Make a Status node, and connect to it with my phone app? or how does these things work :see_no_evil:

When I first started, I tried the Geth Client, and discovered it’s much more complicated to get it running a full node, as compared to Parity. I found the Parity Client easiest to follow and sync a full node:
I highly recommend you purchase an SSD though as you’ll be doing a lot of Read/Write

That PC should be enough though, to get things up and running.


Ok, thanks. Yes the package comes with:

  • Gigabyte M.2 NVMe 512GB SSD
  • Acrylic case and aluminum cooler
  • 16GB Kingston Micro SD card, class 10, with adapter
  • NanoPC T4 with two antennae

From their description:

NanoPC-T4, assembled and ready to be plugged in. Geth and Parity come pre-installed, as do IPFS, Status and Swarm, all up to date. The Ethereum node will NOT be fully synced which makes this ideal for private networks or your own attempts at syncing (in case you don’t trust us). Instructions for running IPFS, Status and Swarm available here. You will also be given dedicated links for activating each, those will clarify things even further.

Plugging this node in and activating it will immediately initiate a full sync of geth, so stop it if that’s not what you want.