Minimum Viable EF Transparency


I want to start a discussion around what this community would find acceptable as far as Ethereum Foundation transparency goes. In my opinion it’d be best to start small and simple and build from there. General calls for transparency are not helpful and it’d be best to formulate specifics. On top of that, the reason why we think it’s essential is important too. To me, it’s mostly about understanding how much runway the EF has at given prices so that we can calculate how much grant funding they have for essential projects.

Last week I put out a tweet with some basics I’d like to see. That includes:

  • total headcount
  • high level org structure or team breakdown
  • avg salary by team or by role types
  • expected yearly burn rate

I’m not sure if this is exactly what we need but I think it’s in the ballpark. After the post, I created this page on EthHub to gather any useful information we have so far.

I also found that the Aion Foundation publishes something quarterly that could be a great guide.

Interested to hear thoughts!


Good points here. I would also like to understand why grant amounts and conditions are not public. Is there a rationale I don’t understand for keeping them hidden from public view?


I haven’t looked around to see if this exists, but I’d love some info on what they’re investing into and why/what they expect to gain from it. I had an opportunity to meet someone from the EF the other day and learned that they will be investing into hardware, which I found interesting, but which also made me wonder if they publicize their investment strategy and rationale across the board.


A quarterly report from EF, along with better clarity on the grant application process would make a big difference. Ideally, they should solicit external community members to participate in the grant review process the way NSF or other scientific organizations do.