Mintable Loves EthHub


Hey Ethhub! Zach from here.

Been following your resources since it came out and want to voice our support for this project.

We are using the ethereum logos from here and are looking to change our logos up, the current svg we use has stretching issues and the ethereum text is all squished.

I’d love for the community to go through our dapp and give us feedback on important improvements you guys might like added or changed.

Briefly: Our dapp is not a scammy ico/token dapp. There is no gambling at all, and its purely a tool to help grow our NFT ecosystem by allowing anyone to mint and deploy NFT contracts with no strings attached on their phone or desktop.

We would love some feedback on how we can improve ( we are a small team in beta and we have a ton of things needing improvement.)

My question to the community is as follows:

  1. Will you take a few minutes to look at our dapp and give feedback here about what should be changed, tweaked, or looks bad?

  2. Please be honest, no feelings are hurt. We just want to improve our dapp to the best it can be.

  3. Just leave any comments here, rude or polite, it doesn’t hurt my feelings. Anything to help us improve is greatly accepted as great feedback.

Please let me know what you like, dislike, or want changed and we would be happy to work on some of these issues.

Also any bugs you find, please blow me up and let me know so we can work on these pronto.

Example: A user emailed us yesterday about dapper wallet not working on our platform (due to their meta transactions not returning a proper txhash and breaking our flow).

This is great feedback and if you have anything rude or polite, please share it below.

Our only goal is to provide a service that is helpful in growing and expanding the NFT ecosystem beyond just collectibles and game items.

Also feel free to ask anything questions as well and I’ll be pleased to answer!

P.S if you are a dev and like our project, we are currently expanding and looking for freelancers, or full time team members depending on what works good for you.

(We strive to be as moral as possible in a sea of immoral projects. Meaning, we offer complete refunds on any issues, no strings attached and no backdoors. Security audits completed on our smart contracts and the only negative services on our platform is the bugs connecting our smart contracts to our backend).

Tl;dr - we are trying our best to improve our ecosystem tool and are open to any and ALL feedback. Rude or polite.

Please unleash your feelings/truthful thoughts here and I’d be very happy to discuss how we can improve based off your feedbacks.

Btw: if anyone has a nice “Built on Eth” svg that would look good on our homepage, please share it with me and we will get that updated asap. We had one, but like I said above, the svg was squished and didn’t look well.

note: we are a small team of 2 devs, so we are busting our ass to work as fast as possible, but without an ICO, we don’t have millions in the bank.

We are also looking to expand our team, and if you have AWS backend experience or solidity experience, please reach out. Here is more info about what we are looking for.

I really look forward to any and all feedback on our app. Be brutal, be honest, be polite or rude. I just want honest feedback. Rip us up!

Thank you Ethhub community. Glad to support you guys and if there is anyway Mintable and ethhub can work together to share publicity, let me know. I’d be happy to have backlinks to ethhub and anything else to help promote our new community.

Thanks again and looking forward to any feedback.


P.S - if you are a dev looking for a real deployed dapp without a scammy economic model built in, please email me at as we are looking to expand our team.

Thanks again and I hope you guys can share a good built on ETH image that would work well on our homepage.

BTW we work on mobile wallets as well. So in reality, you can deploy a smart contract, mint nfts and sell them on Opensea within 3 minutes on your phone… pretty cool if you ask me.

So far we have had so many projects made using Mintable… with over 500 users, 900+ transactions, $0 spent on marketing and no immoral practices. So I feel like Mintable is a rare diamond in a sea of rough stones. No scams, no illegal activity, and no hyped based marketing.

IF you are looking to build experience with a live dapp, or want to learn solidity, while knowing AWS, please email me at and we can set up a call.

If your not a dev, please just rip our dapp apart and give any and all feedback that comes to mine.

I promise, I’ll only take it as a positive and fix as many things as possible ASAP.

Hope you guys have some nice words, and some roasts coming my way.

We are always looking to improve our NFT ecosystem.

P.S: I’m a solidity dev and front end js dev. My backend knowledge on AWS is only a year or so of experience, so if you have AWS experience and no solidity experience, thats PERFECT. We can help you learn solidity to break into ethereum, as well as learning cutting edge methods to connect ethereum applications to the real world.

We have tracked gold back NFTs sold via an italian bank, we have designed NFTs backed by stablecoin of gold, and we have done the worlds first physical item sold via dex and mailed to your door.

We have over 900+ transactions since April,
Over 500+ users
over 1.8k tokens tracked
And over 350 smart contracts deployed who can mint unlimited tokens.

To put into perspective, superrare, has only had 350 activate users, (we have 500) and they have only done 4k in volume over their lifetime, where as since april, we have done 3k in revenue.

I believe mintable will change our NFT ecosystem and you would understand more about our future tech that has never been done before, if you jump on a call with me and discuss what we can do together.

If you are interested, email me at or hit me up on twitter, or message us via

Thanks everyone and I look forward to your brutal feedback on improving our app.

IF you want a background on me, briefly:

Been in bitcoin since 2012, solidity dev since 2016, first person to make money using cryptokitties, published author in the IEEE using 721s for iot and food traceability. Certified by concensys for dapp development and worked on multiple projects related to 721s and other common smart contract work.

Let me know if you are interested, and at bare minimum, please roast and let me know what you think should be updated/changed.

Be brutal!

Thanks all and looking forward to the great chats to come!

P.S.S we have a full launch planned and being built now… this is what any dev work would be put forth towards and this tech is revolutionary, it will change the NFT ecosystem, while deploying a brand new, never before seen DEX for NFTs.