Solidity and/or Vyper for Beginners


I think something worthwhile for the wider Ethereum ecosystem would be creating new Codeacademy-like courses for Solidity and/or Vyper that beginners can take anywhere, anytime.

I know there are great resources out there for learning these languages already, but on the main 1) they’re geared toward novice programmers, 2) they cost money, and 3) it’s early enough in Ethereum’s lifespan that an all-hands-on-deck approach to educational materials seems fruitful.

I raise the topic as a non-technical person who comes to the space with a background in professional writing, so what technical knowledge I do have comes from covering Ethereum and the cryptoeconomy. All the while, I’ve been more or less itching to learn Solidity since early 2017.

I’ve taken stabs at JavaScript and C++ on, and I’ve found the UX/UI to be a superior format for self-learning. But my interest fizzles eventually because it feels like trying to learn a foreign language that you’re not really passionate about – it just comes a lot easier if your hotter’n hell to learn French, e.g.

In kind, I feel like my interest wouldn’t fizzle with Solidity and/or Vyper because I’m hungrier toward them, and I personally think many others and myself would get a lot out of a “come one, come all” free Codeacademy-like course that can comprehensively bootstrap the beginner-to-novice phase. If some team were to take up the cause, they could even similarly offer paid courses for novices looking to learn more advanced subjects.

I know CryptoZombies already exists. So my main questions are: is this post misguided, are there already enough adequate educational materials available that I’m just overlooking? Would it be a superfluous use of resources to build out such programs when there are other more pressing development issues at hand?

Thanks kindly for considering, -WP


If fleshed out, such courses could potentially become potent marketing tools for Ethereum, too.


Chainshot has an open source tool for creating content for their courses. Kind of a neat idea that might work for you.

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I’m in a similar situation as you. Would love to learn Solidity but I have no computer science background and don’t know where to start

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Yeah definitely, I get the sense there are quite a few people in a similar boat. It could make for a fruitful dev pipeline.

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Also, I highly recommend Vyper, it’s made to be clearer and easier to work with. We love contributors who are willing to test that design goal, and tell us how the language can be improved.

I might just be biased though lol.

A great teaching aid I’ve used is implementing an event ticketing contract.


Personally, I think there are already a lot of resources online on learning how to code on Ethereum especially for Solidity.

The guides available online (like zeppelin’s, cryptozombies) are easy to follow but some of them are not always up to date. Although slightly fragmented, much effort has also been made to aggregate these resources e.g. ethhub’s.

What I’m more interested in reading is how to develop more sticky dapps like MyCryptoHeroes from a smart contract, UX and UI’s POV. For instance, what design choices were made that might have helped to retain user interest in the dapp.


Cryptozombies is surprisingly good.

This udemy course is solid imo.

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Maybe you could check development guides here:

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Had never seen this, great stuff - thank you!