The 'introduce yourself' thread


Hello everyone! Let’s use this thread to introduce ourselves. I’ll start…

I’m Eric Conner, co-founder of EthHub, the site you are on now. I originally became fascinated with Bitcoin in 2013 and then in 2014 became enamored with Ethereum and immediately set out with a group of friends to build EtherEx, the first attempt at a decentralized exchange on Ethereum. Ever since then I’ve been learning as much as I can about Ethereum and meeting great people in the community. In late 2018, Anthony and I decided that Ethereum needed a better community resource so we launched EthHub which consists of open source documentation, Into the Ether podcast, the EthHub Weekly Newsletter and now the EthHub Community forum.

The best way to follow me is on Twitter.


Hey everyone!

I’m Anthony Sassano - Co-Founder of EthHub :slight_smile:

I’ve been apart of the Ethereum community since early 2017, launched a crypto resource/research hub over at and started a weekly newsletter in early 2018 and then merged it all into EthHub when Eric and I launched it on Jan 3rd, 2019!

I work in Cyber Security for a telco down in Australia as my day job!

You can follow me on Twitter here.


Hey, all,

I’m just a dude writing contracts in the Enterprise Ethereum finance space for the most part since 2017, but the public space is where my passion in DLT really lies.

DAOs as a concept have basically captured my interests. Lately I’ve mostly been conceptualizing more integrated DAOs which would have a locale and function as an LLC to better protect participants from liability. Been trying to bring these to reality as a proof of concept in the form of a regional burn styled event that would be owned and operated by a DAO.

I used to run a twitter botnet before I got into the space, but oddly just started actually using twitter. You can find me here


Hi All,

Got into Ethereum as an investor back in November. Been following closely on Twitter and the various podcasts. Definitely been on the sidelines due to the technical nature of things but looking forward to providing any relevant input given my background as a managing consultant for Asset Managers.

Glad to be a part of the discussion.



Hello. My name is Michael, co-founder of LocalEthereum.

I became obsessed with Bitcoin in late 2010. I’ve been involved in many Bitcoin & Ethereum projects since, and currently lead LocalEthereum, a peer-to-peer ETH marketplace which has end-to-end encryption and self-custodial escrow.

I’m a programmer, entrepreneur, sporadic miner, and amatuer economist. I think trade should be unbounded, governments are bad, and banks are legacy institutions. I’m sure cryptocurrency will outpace fiat money in my lifetime — I just hope JPM Coin doesn’t win the race.

I don’t use Twitter often – my Telegram is here. Looking forward to participating.


Hi everyone,

I’m very excited to see this forum get off of the ground! I got into Bitcoin back in 2013, but dropped out of crypto in 2015, before getting back into things in early 2017 when I discovered Ethereum. I’m a big fan of Ethereum and the decentralized world it’s helping us create. While I’m interested in Ethereum as an investment, I’m even more passionate about the incredible technology and community which power it.

I work as a management consultant where I advise public sector organizations on how to design and transform their organizations & business models to best meet their mission and customer requirements. I look forward to engaging with this community to help bring practical, real world insight to on-going discussions around the evolution and adoption of Ethereum.

I firmly believe Ethereum has the potential to change the world for the better, and the perspectives and active involvement of real world users, business leaders, government leaders, and many others will be essential to making that happen.



I am Brett Robertson. I have been part of the Ethereum Community since 2014 but have only just recently got actively involved in helping to move it forward as an Ethereum Cat Herder.

I am keen to see this space achieve all we hope it can be and am stoked to be part of this awesome community at such an exciting time.

Like many of you I truly believe we are gonna change the world… and if we get this right it will be for the better!

Thanks EthHub for setting this up.



I’m Jeremiah Nichol aka “JT” or “jtnichol”. Ethtrader Mod and just a nice dude with no computer skills. Big Hugs from Kansas City.


Greetings all,

I’m a distributed systems engineer working for one of the big 5 Silicon Valley tech companies. I read the bitcoin whitepaper in 2014, bought my first fractional bitcoin in 2015, and went big on crypto near the height of the last bubble. Reading about Ethereum for the first time blew my mind and since then I’ve been hopelessly entrenched in the technology and ecosystem.


Hi ETH-folks,

I’m Adrian from Germany and currently live in Taiwan to help HTC to market their EXODUS1 phone. The center of my attention are wallets, however recently I shifted my focus to self-sovereign identity. I fight surveillance capitalism and I’m aware of the irony working as marketer for a corporate :smiley: … but since the company is embracing public blockchains and questioning the business practices of current tech behemoths it’s a good fit!


Hi all!

I’m Zach. I’m a design strategist by day, shipping side projects on my nights and weekends. I started reading about blockchain and Ethereum at the end of 2017, finally started getting involved in the space around 2018.

Really enjoy the podcast, excited to join the community. Big thanks to EthHub, Eric, and Anthony for building this out!


Hello everyone

I’m Divraj . Got interested in the space in 2015 and started investing / researching in 2016. Was an early coinfund slack / community member and that helped a lot in the early days. I’m sure this community will guide many through their journey in Ethereum !

Currently focused on building small projects to boost the consumer adoption of ethereum and zcash.



I’m Nick from mining pool team.

I’ve been passively around crypto since Mtgox(lost 0.0099 BTC when it collapsed, lol) and got actively involved in various crypto projects since 2017.
Follow me on twitter.


Hi all!

My friend Bob Summerwill explained Ethereum to me in 2016 and I bought some ETH to deploy BeerCoin contracts using Mist.

In 2017 I spent time getting to know the Ethereum community better, and ended up being an early participant in the EthMagicians forums because I didn’t have karma to post on Reddit. I helped organize the Council of Berlin and then went full time in working on open source and community in late August of last year, as part of receiving a ConsenSys Tachyon grant.

My cofounder Brooke and I are building FISSION - developer tools to make decentralized web easier to use, starting with IPFS.

I spend too much time tweeting.

Congrats on the forum launch @econoar & @sassal0x!


I’m Levi, just an engineer in the space with deep interests in use cases, 2.0, off-chain governance and truly decentralized systems :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

This Forum will be really interesting to watch, hoping some strong sub-communities emerge here and on the EthHub calls.

From the beginning I have been an Ethereum nerd-fan. I began working in the community as a web developer and sysadmin in mid-2016. A few projects I have been helping a lot with include looking after the Geth Bootnodes, Devcon, Ethereum Magicians, and Ethereum Financial Tools.

I’m currently very interested in two topics:

  • establishing strategies for the ecosystem :muscle:
  • facilitating the funding of community projects :money_mouth_face:

Thanks for setting this up @econoar and team!


Hi everyone,

I first heard about Ethereum mid 2017 and entered the community early 2018. Currently, I am part of the core team behind MetaCartel where we are solving collective problems on the application layer.


Hi everyone,

I am a developer specialized in open source and cloud systems. I am working more on the networking side of Ethereum, when I’m not building libraries for blockchain at Apache. I am interested in making sure we have healthy open source projects in crypto.


I am Jacopo, one of the two founders of the Italian Ethereum community (ethereumitalia, the other founder is my brother). I have been in the crypto space since 2012 and fell in love with Eth since the publication of the whitepaper (my background is to be a bank and finance lawyer, but first of all I am a nerd who started using PCs in the 80s).
Thanks to Eric and Anthony for their great job!


I’m Andrew B Coathup (@abcoathup pretty much everywhere). I live in Melbourne Australia.

I went down the rabbit hole in April 2017. First with Hyperledger and then Ethereum.
I attended DevCon4, Peepeth’s #buidl_bali retreat and can be found most Wednesdays at the Web3 Melbourne weekly hack (normally demoing xDAI burner wallet and my own simple crypto collectible BlockHorses).

I am passionate about decentralisation, especially on mobile.

In person find me at the Web3 Melbourne hack, otherwise on Peepeth. :penguin::penguin::penguin::fire: