The 'introduce yourself' thread


Hey Ethhead15, nice connecting mate! asset allocator for institutional investors? ok right, I like that:) maybe you could allocate some of those funds and kickstart my startup to the product stage. Would love to get your feedback! Basically, what a wallet on the blockchain can do for local communities.
Let’s talk:

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Hi I’m Brady. I’ve spent most of my free time the last few years keeping up with what is happening on ethereum. Thank you Eric for starting this and running the podcast. Also shout-out to Anthony. You’re both great. My main thing is keeping ethereum weird.


I’m Jeremy, I’m a software engineer. I’ve spent most of the last year working on ethereum in one form or another. I’ve worked on Aragon and Frame. Right now I’m building a way to sign into oauth services including discourse and rocketchat using an ethereum account.

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Hi everyone!

I’m David Kenahan, crypto-enthusiast and wearer of many hats. I’ve been teaching high school Physics at a public school about an hour south of Boston for the past 10 years after graduating from college with my bachelor’s degree in Physics and Secondary Education. Over the years I have kept myself busy by running for city council in my hometown and serving 2 terms, and then a few years later serving as President of my local teachers’ union for 4 years. These experiences have helped me learn an incredible amount about the world of finance and managing contract negotiations and multi-million dollar public entities.

I originally became fascinated with Ethereum right before the parabolic-crypto-bull-bubble of 2018. While the price went up (or down), I spent most of my time scouring the internet for articles that explained how this revolutionary technology works. I immediately became a believer in Ethereum and spent most of my free time in 2018 sorting out the BS from the true-unbiased-factual material. About 2 months ago I stumbled upon EthHub (I can’t even remember how or where lol) and at that moment everything changed! FINALLY, a source that curates the real news for me, and explains it in an easy to understand way! I look forward to reading the newsletter and listening to @econoar and @sassal0x on the podcast on my drive home from school every week! (Honestly, you guys have a gift, keep up the great work!)

I know the technology is nascent, and I know I’ve been wrong about things before (as many of us have), but I truly believe the work being done by the various people of the Ethereum community is going to change the world! Web 2.0 changed everything by connecting people and services in ways that could never have been imagined. Web 3.0 is our generation’s opportunity to recreate a new and better internet that is owned by the people, for the people, and is shared by everyone in a way that doesn’t sell out on privacy, security, and true ownership of personal information.

Now that I’ve stopped doing all my other adventures (besides teaching), I’m excited to get more involved and have meaningful conversations in the Ethereum Community, starting with this group. I’ve got a million ideas and thoughts about Ethereum rattling around in my head, and hopefully, I can find the right people to share them with in the future!

Keep up the amazing work everyone!

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Hi everyone,

I’m Deniz Omer from Kyber Network. I previously worked in finance before falling down the Ethereum rabbit hole in early 2016 and it’s been an all-consuming part of my life since then. I started Cryptodyssey.Capital and beginning of 2017 and got my MSc in Digital Currencies last year before dedicating more and more of my time to Kyber over the last few years.

At Kyber I have a hybrid bizdev/tech-evangelism role but it means I have the best job in the world and get to go to all the Ethereum hackathons and conferences around the world and meet the coolest people in the world (recently met Anthony at Edcon, what an awesome guy!)

I also closely follow developments with eth2.0, eth1.x and the governance debates so joining this forum was a no-brainer

I’m based in Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean you are all warmly invited to.


Hello everyone,

I’m a guy from the Netherlands who got into Ethereum early 2016. Still fascinated with all the progress that has been made in the Ethereum ecosystem. I’m looking for a place with a little more informed discussions than r/ethtrader (which is great place of it’s own as well).

I’m grateful for Eric and Anthony for creating ethhub, really love the podcast as well.

Warm regards,



Hey everyone -

I’m John Monarch, CEO of ShipChain and all about Ethereum and L2 scalability. We’re building on Ethereum and Loom to solve logistics and supply chain problems. My background is academically Physics and Computer Science (though I am admittedly not a great developer), and have run a third party logistics company prior to ShipChain.


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Hello everybody,

I’m Bryant Eisenbach. I’ve been involved for almost 2 years in the Ethereum community. I got started by being involved as a maintainer of the Vyper smart contract language, and I also contribute on the various and growing Python toolset for Ethereum development. I have also been involved with the #ETHSecurity initiative, which I helped start last year to gather and organize security researchers, consultants, and tool builders for Ethereum smart contracts and infrastructure. My primary contribution there was the SecurEth Guidelines (, a through walkthrough of the security process for building robust Ethereum applications. Lastly, I am helping to organize ETHNewYork, an Ethereum hackathon in NYC on May 17-19th.

For work I have been a freelance Ethereum consultant and smart contract developer. I have helped several clients, big and small, understand the role of Ethereum in their applications, as well as design robust smart contract architectures and advise on the gotchas of Ethereum development.

For the past year, I have been working on GunClear (, which is digital solution to firearm ownership and compliance paperwork, built using the Plasma L2 framework and zk-SNARKs. GunClear’s goal is making firearm ownership easier, safer, and more secure against theft and loss, while retaining the right to digital privacy against surveiling parties.

I have a Bachelor’s in Aerospace engineering, and a Master’s in Electrical engineering, worked for 5.5 years on building aircraft flight control systems and fault detection algorithms, and have so many random experiences that somehow have all been relevant to Ethereum, in one or another.

I’m excited about EthHub as a venue to help additional stakeholders voice their opinions, and I think they have done a great job at attracting the right people to the forum, as evidenced by the above!


Hey all, Atlas here. Scottish born and bred, living in sunny Portugal. Been part of the space for many years, mostly lurking. Working in capital allocation and some off chain projects.

Currently excited about bonding curves, and very unexcited about STO’s.

Hopefully meet some of you in person at the Consensys Cafe during web summit in Lisbon!

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Hello everyone,

Sorry not really an Ethereum developer here but I look into Ethereum due to its immense potential to change the economics and the way it works. I am learning bit by bit about the knowledge as I don’t really have basics in cryptography, programming etc (thus don’t really understand all those stuff on github) and hope to learn something new here.



Hello everyone,

I’m Matthew, leading the business dev side of things for Loopring Protocol - a non-custodial exchange protocol deployed atop Ethereum.

Before falling deep down the Ethereum rabbit hole in 2017, I was a fixed income trader. I really believe in a future where, among many many other things, Ethereum settles in seconds what used to take me 3 business days! Besides DEXs/trading, I’m interested in monetary policy and game theory.

Glad to be part of this awesome community to keep learning! Can find me usually writing about Loopring on Medium or Twitter

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Hello Everyone, My name is adalarasu (Call me Adal).

I started to involve in ethereum around late 2016. I contributed code, contents(including Ethhub), introduced ethereum to many people. Right now I’m building, (right now it’s private, Making it public in a week. username: kongu, password: foods) a place where all buidlers can find a task to contribute to the ecosystem. And the project team can post what help they want. Ethereum needs help from everyone including translators, lawyers, students, idea wizards, entrepreneurs, business, governments, developers, designers, etc.
The problem is 1000s of ethereum enthusiasts don’t know how and where contributing to the ecosystem, on the other hand, ethereum needs millions of hours of contribution from everyone. So buidl guide is a place where all contributors can positively start involved in the ecosystem.

Here is my aim for ethereum

  1. Bring 1Mn hours of contribution to ethereum ecosystem by the end of 2020. (ex: 20k buidlers spending 1 hours a week for 50 weeks)
  2. Curate 1000s of ideas for buidlers.
  3. Use the army of builders to kill the competitors with “Copy and kill strategy”. (Facebook is good at it)

Launching Buidl guide in a week, with 200 guides + 300 projects. Need all your help to make it successful.

PS: Buidl Guide is a non-profit and non-ico project.

My Twitter:

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Hi everyone! I am Magnus, co-founder of, a hybrid decentralized exchange for digital assets on the Ethereum Blockchain.

I discovered Ethereum in 2017, when a friend of mine told me about. Back then, it was his goal to build a DAPP in general which sounded like an exciting idea. After quite some time of brainstorming we came to the conclusion to build an exchange, which provides a CEX-like trading experience. That means massive improvements in terms of UI/UX. Implementations of trading features which until then only remained with CEXs and improvements of efficiency to make HFT trading possible on a DEX.

We launched about 6 weeks and aim to make a sustainable impact on the whole Ethereum ecosystem.

You will find us on Twitter and Telegram.


Hi. I’m Jay. Recent EF grantee for TrueBlocks. Down the rabbit hole.


Hi Everyone!

I am Ben. I have been involved with crypto in one way or another since 2011 and have steadily watched it progress - the many booms, busts and FUD attacks. Over a year ago now I joined Ethfinex as Community and Events Manager, building out community, creating content and playing my role in bringing out the promise of blockchain technology through experimenting with on-chain governance, whilst spreading the message far and wide.

Very keen to learn from all the passionate people in the space and am a huge fan of this community. Looking forward to getting to know you all!



Hello everyone,

Great to be here! :slight_smile:
My name is Wesley and I’m an indie/freelance engineer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I have a background in enterprise software development & delivery.
In the blockchain space since late 2016.
Went through the first ConsenSys academy program and worked there (Enterprise) for a year afterwards.

Launched a (open-source) Github explorer to help you find open-source Ethereum projects:
(monthly updates on my Twitter)

Currently working on Ctor - a (open-source) toolkit to manage a smart contract’s lifecycle

Next to my work as a consultant and one of the founding members of Blockchain Netherlands. A non-profit foundation to speed up & boost blockchain innovation and knowledge in the Netherlands.



Hello everyone,

I’m Luca (also go by Rabid Tanuki over on Ethtrader) and I’m data analyst currently living in the UK.

I guess I’m one of those “came for the money, stayed for the tech” stories, but the two went somewhat hand in hand for me.

When I first learned of Ethereum, my financial circumstances were going through a bit of a messy time, and not necessarily in a bad way: I was buying my own place, a process that involved dozens of bank transfers, payments, and authorizations.

So there I am, juggling bank transfers, contracts, lawyers, and reading about these “smart contracts”, and I guess it sort of clicked. I realized that this is a technology that could (among other things) potentially streamline the hell out of the current system in terms of efficiency, while putting power back in the hands of common people instead of legacy institutions.

So here I am. I’m ashamed to say I’m not a buidler (I tip my hat to you), but keep up with developments, provide the occasional guidance to newbies, love getting my hands dirty with DeFi, and very much look forward to seeing this space grow.


My name is Jenny. I’m learning about Ethereum–and I love it. I have 20+ years of experience with growth marketing online, dating back to 1995. My main interest: how will Ethereum reach the masses?


Hi, I’m Stefan, I go by the name @favori_to in Twitter. I am selling cyrpto t-shirts on I had a shop accepting bitcoin and ethereum for a few months and learned about the challenges. I plan to build a crypto-only shop (in addition to the classic a shop that accepts only dai/xdai and builds on Ethereum. I understand that accepting crypto is not good business right now. It is no bussiness actually. Accepting dai/xdai even less so. But building a shop on Ethereum is the only way to showcase the advantages of crypto-based retail. I have a lot to learn and hoping to get there and interact with you guys in my journey.


Hey everyone! :wave:

I’m Mark O’Sullivan, one of the devs working on the Android app at Argent.

Been listening to Into the Ether from pretty much the start. I thankfully stumbled upon it on Reddit. Great podcast, keep up the excellent work guys! :clap:

Had been following crypto a bit more closely in early 2017 and eventually took the plunge and started investing spare money in July 2017.

Turns out that was a worthwhile decision to get interested and follow it back then :rocket: