Thread for your favorite, less known DAPPS


I’ll start.

I would be interested in hearing peoples thoughts on SportCrypt? It is a simple, working product for peer-peer sports gambling. In theory, with more liquidity, this should have lower fees than traditional betting where the bookie typically takes a 10% cut. Further, maintaining custody of your assets is a level up compared to many unregulated gambling sites. The oracle here is centralized, that said, the outcomes are easily verified and reputation is on the line (I still would not trust it yet for large bets).

Overall, seems like an interesting DAPP that gets little press. On a final note, given that the bets are all saved, and immutable, on the public chain, your track record of gambling can be easily verified by others.

#2 is a nice site. Only a few sports to bet on still, but its using Dai, and a 2% fee wich is suppose to go to token holders (users) and you earn tokens by betting i believe. You can bet or lay odds wich is nice.