Web3 login plug-in for Discourse


Should we work on bountying a Web3 login plug-in for Discourse?

Basic functionality would be just using a Web3 provider (eg MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect) to create / login to a user account.

Could optionally support 3Box profiles too.


PS however permissions are set I can’t create new tags.


Open to funding this idea. Would love integration with 3box if possible.

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Great proposal. We have discussed NFT / Discourse Badge overlap, might be an interesting addition.

+1 on 3box


Michael from 3Box here, definitely sounds like something that’s right in our wheelhouse. We can help spec the bounty with you so Ethereum user addresses can also have human-readable profiles, making social collaboration and reputation more present on the platform.


I am a Freelancer developer ABHILASH I would like to contribute.


I like this idea. I would add the caveat that we should have privacy warnings all over it to recommend the best practice of creating a fresh account and to warn users about the dangers of linking your entire transaction history to a social account.


This is obviously the perfect forum to try something like this out.

I’m starting to realize that project ideas will probably pop up a lot in here. I’ll think about creating a new category or working group for them.


All the more need for a dev portal to fuel the community development pipeline idea.


I’m working on something that can do this. It’s open source at https://github.com/Recoblix/ethereum-oauth and you can try a version working with the ropsten ens at https://forum.blockrecover.com . It’s not nearly finished yet, but it is functional. If you want to set it up, I’d be happy to help.

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I have a Discourse website that I’m not using any more that I could test with.

Could you do some “install” instructions?


Yeah, I’ll try to write instructions by tomorrow.


The instructions are up. Let me know if you have any questions.


Checking in here, would be great to see 3box functionality happen specifically.


How’d you go with testing this out? :slight_smile:

@boris @jvluso


I have not. Looking at this further, this should all just be integrated into a Discourse plug-in.

@jvluso I think your Web3 OAuth server is useful, but I think Discourse already has a bunch of this stuff built in to support GitHub, Twitter etc.

Here’s my quick and dirty “spec” for this https://hackmd.io/Rg_NHG-8T8ep47OGSl8GiQ

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Thanks @boris - I’ll play around with our Discourse instance and see what shakes out.


We at 3Box are still very interested in supporting this effort. To make this plugin real, we need to find a ruby dev to take on the work. I tweeted this tonight to see if we can source anyone: https://twitter.com/3boxdb/status/1125563044506079234

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I think more realistically — someone needs to take responsibility for leading the effort (project managing it) and funding it.

@somemikesena do you or someone on your team have the bandwidth to lead this?

I can help find a Ruby dev (if there is a proper budget - maybe 10 hours / $1000?) and can give feedback / test the build, but don’t have time to volunteer to lead this.